Bound is not just a photography book, it is the pinnacle of the journey of seven students that had the opportunity to travel to Dhungentar – a settlement located in Nepal – and understand how social cohesion could support disaster resilience. The villagers of Dhungentar are the heart of a community that survived the Gurkha earthquake, one of the worst earthquakes that Nepal has seen in the last decades. Many experts and scholars define social cohesion in abstruse ways that ultimately generate more complexity to the concept. But we believe that there is a way to understand and experience social cohesion in a compelling way, seen from different perspectives.

In this book, we show what in our eyes was social cohesion in practice during our time in this intriguing village. In addition, we expand the definition of social cohesion by showing how people from different parts of the world and walks of life, understand the concept of social cohesion and what it means to them. You will have the possibility to dive into different definitions and meanings of one concept, that for many of us plays a central role in our daily lives, whether we acknowledge it or not.

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Bound: Photography born in Nepal 
©Nepali 2019
First edition ©2019
All rights reserved
Published in Helsinki, Finland

Printed in Lithuania by Balto Print / Print run: 300 units 
Paper: 130 gr, G-Print / Weight: 523 gr / Measures: 25x26 cm
Pages: 61
Photography by 
Avinash Dhital
Carles Martínez Millana
Luis Alfonso Monje
Prithivi Jung Thapa

Designed by 
André Santos
Luis Alfonso Monje

Foreword by 
Johan Eichhorn

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