Ancona, Marche, Italia 0260 · €75
Summer Toulouse, Occitania, France
Toulouse, Occitania, France 0261 · €75

^ Not the main attractions

! 0260 · 0261

% While summer traveling abroad some european countries I found myself in front of different scenarios for shooting while the blue hour was happening. This first photo taken at the harbor of Ancona was more like a reflect, because ´unfortunately´  I hadn´t enough time for enjoying the spectacle for longer than some minutes. Undoubtedly one of the most easiest moments for shooting both landscapes and cityscapes is the sunset. But, what is exactly the sunset? Lots of people consider it the moment when the sun is crossing the horizon line while for some of us is a moment that takes place for way longer than just those few minutes. There is a need of time to contemplate.

% Shooting a sunset while having vacations took over without much more to say. It sounds so simple that the lack of originality and creativity is highly risky. So the idea, if we can actually call it an idea, was simply pairing the first photo above in an attempt of creating a small series. Unsurprisingly something happens in the middle of the process. I selected my second sunset, without the sun, without the star. No main attraction this time. Not so famous either is the fuscolusco concept, born just because sometimes the sun is hidden under the view. Rome, Madrid and Paris were beautiful cities, but I felt the necessity of providing for the ones considered not the main attractions.

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