^ Photography for Kundalini master Paramsahej Singh

% Interconnection preserves harmony and relationships between nature and whatsoever is around to. But how is everything interconnected? Even further, if that’s the case, why? Habits impact what is out of sight in ways we wont realize simply by looking at them. Our habitual senses don’t allow us to easily notice how we are better together. But, does it matter? Will we change any behavior once having the certainty of our acts?

% I share this because I believe some people could get benefited by reading what this person is writing down, expressing while free flowing / playing with this keyboard. Even more, heavy part of the motivation that takes me through the day is because i feel identified -or not- with so many great people doing so many great stuff out there. If we treat the Earth as something external, as something we are separate from, sustainability would never be so important, on time, in order to impact for good and rebalance our equation to the positive spectrum. I want to believe there is still time, and we are just at the break point, standing in front of many chances. Some are blissfulness and some are not.