^ Crowdfunding #LearningxFinland

% Extracted from global campaign #LearningxFinland published on May 30th 2018, originally created for fundraising my studies for the Master of Arts in Creative Sustainability at Aalto University, held by the School of Arts, Design and Architecture, ranked #07 worldwide by QS Ranking 2020. Back in 2018, out of usd$18,932, over 28 donators had contributed with around usd$4,573, official amount fundraised only in Fund my Travel

% The major development challenges of sustainability include climate change, global poverty, social and economic inequality, population growth and demographic changes. The global and local challenges and the complexity of future scenarios increasingly require a multidisciplinary approach as well as education that can address the linkages between the environmental, the economic and the socio-cultural. Higher education and research have thus become essential to the search for sustainable solutions in society.

# Special mention to friend and colleague Christopher Böhmwald for his contributions.

> Campaign fundmytravel.com/

> MA of Arts in Creative Sustainability acs.aalto.fi/masters-programme/

> Masters thesis [First Revised Edition]